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hey, i'm megan :) i post mainly tvd and skins on here. i love music, concerts and sweets... and i am taken by a beautiful girl named Chloé. if you want to know more about my personal life, it's all on there... :D

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It was always going to be a bad day. But a night full of nightmares hasn’t helped.

I just want to cry.

Day out at Dudley zoo, visiting my penguin, for my 19th birthday, with my girl x wearing my beautiful new necklace that she bought me. ☺️

Ian, how many shirts have you had ripped off of you?

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It only takes being rejected once for me to never ever ask anyone anything ever again.



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We enjoy the hunt, the feed, and the kill.

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I’ll type it up tomorrow.

This is old; I often read back on my girlfriends blog to this… I love the way she writes. Both her handwriting and her poetry…

Anonymous Asked:
What sort of car do you have?

My answer:

A sexy one. ;) haha. I have a ka :)

Anonymous Asked:
doctors or whatever it is you have to do :)

My answer:

Ahh you follow my personal blog. :)

Thank you very much :)

Anonymous Asked:
good luck :)

My answer:

What for? :)