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hey, i'm megan :) i post mainly tvd and skins on here. i love music, concerts and sweets... and i am taken by a beautiful girl named Chloé. if you want to know more about my personal life, it's all on there... :D

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This is what I see every night in bed. It’s a little snip it of mine and my girlfriends relationship… It’s very relaxing.

Me being vain in my new glasses ;) lmao.

Litchfield Inmates

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So… I didn’t realise just how much my new glasses really do look like Alex Vause’s… :’)


My girlfriend is gonna look drop dead gorgeous in her new Vause-style glasses ;) youkillme-inagoodway

:’) I hope so with how expensive they were! :P hehe :)

I’m all about givingI’m like a bean-flicking Mother Teresa.


Orange Is The New Black Meme

[1 Quote] "They’re just people, Larry. They’re just women who are trying to do their best."

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Guys! This is amazing! I just found this at the grocery. It’s a Mother’s Day card for two moms. Hallmark made a card for people with two mothers!

This is cute 😜



being homosexual or bisexual isn’t disgusting. but you know what is disgusting? when a man finds it ok for two girls to be making out or something of the sort just because it makes his dick hard, but when its two girls or, god forbid, two men that are in an actual, well-founded relationship and in love, the man finds that disturbing and immoral and wrong. now thats disgusting.

i hope all the homophobes read this.