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hey, i'm megan :) i post mainly tvd and skins on here. i love music, concerts and sweets... and i am taken by a beautiful girl named Chloé. if you want to know more about my personal life, it's all on there... :D

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piper chapman + emoji faces [x]


Going to school with a dress code


inspired by (x)

Hello new room! :D god. It’s amazing :) so big and so much space! I’m so very impressed. :) my girlfriend has done a really good job of decorating it with my stuff too! :) muchmorethanamoment ❤️

Goodbye family drama! 👋
Hello new chapter with my girlfriend! 👭

  • Megan: We aren't having any nuts at our wedding!
  • Chloé: I know right...
  • Megan: *bursts into laughter*


remember when you put your glasses on for the first time and you realized you could see leaves on trees


Found this in my Gran’s fridge.

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This is what I see every night in bed. It’s a little snip it of mine and my girlfriends relationship… It’s very relaxing.